Sharon Xu Lin is a poet and essayist. Her work appears in The New York Review of Books, WIRED, Denver Quarterly, Wildness, The Offing, and elsewhere and is anthologized in Best New Poets 2021 and Voices of the East Coast (Penmanship Books).She is a Fulbright Fellow and a former New York City Youth Poet Laureate. She has received support from Kundiman, Art Omi, GrubStreet, Tin House, Periplus, and others.She lives in London, UK.

“Headspace” - Cimarron Review (forthcoming)
“Futurity” - Salamander (forthcoming)
“50 Observations Unearthed in Layers” - The Journal
“Mythmaking” - Porter House Review
"My Family Wants Me to Forget Our Tragedies" - Tinderbox
“Conservation” - DIAGRAM
“I Meet the New Pigeon Lady in Union Square” - The Harvard Advocate
“Programming Languages as Letters to Women I Loved Before” - Denver Quarterly
“Where Upon the Western Front” - Sine Theta
- Nominated for the Pushcart Prize
“Confession”, “My Bisexuality Wavers” - Diode
“Diasporic” - The Adroit Journal
“Every Body is an Electric Body” - The Oyez Review
“An Offering at the Altar” - Sine Theta (republished in Best New Poets 2021)
“1988, Min River Valley” - Sine Theta
- Nominated for the Pushcart Prize

"Arachnophobia", "Snakeskin" - The Offing
“Common Flower Parts" - Chestnut Review
“Mast Year" - The Kenyon Review (forthcoming)
“Salt" - Wildness (republished in Sinostories)
“Honing My Knife Skills” - The New York Review of Books
“The Long Shadow of the 'Nigerian Prince' Scam” - WIRED
"The Golden Age Of Ever-Changing Computer Architecture" - Hackaday
“On Franny Choi’s The World Keeps Ending, and the World Goes On - Los Angeles Review of Books
“Follow Your Nose” - Design & Science (Bloomsbury)

[email protected]@sharontlin on Twitter
@sharontlin on Instagram


I'm currently a security researcher at Google DeepMind, where I study the vulnerabilities and emergent capabilities of AI systems.I received my bachelors in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT, where I worked with the Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems (PDOS) group at CSAIL.Previously, I was a machine learning engineer at Abnormal Security and an intern at Microsoft, Cisco Meraki, Trail of Bits, and Semgrep. I was also an investor at Contrary and a co-founder of a govtech startup.


Reid, M., Savinov, N., Teplyashin, D., ... Gemini 1.5: Unlocking Multimodal Understanding Across Millions of Tokens of Context. arXiv. PaperPhuong, M., Aitchison, M., Catt, E., ... Evaluating Frontier Models for Dangerous Capabilities. arXiv. PaperLin, S., Paar, C. MoAT: A Meta-Evaluation of Anti-Malware Trustworthiness. Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) ML Safety Workshop 2022. Paper PosterLin, S., Głuszak, A., Böcker, S., Fyrbiak, M., Bissantz, N., Paar, C. Unsupervised Segmentation of Multivariate Images for Hardware Reverse Engineering. Mediterranean Machine Learning (M2L) Summer School 2022. Poster


Lin, S.*, Maccow, S.*, Vadari, M.*, Baral, A.* Security Analysis of Browser Auto-fill and Password Managers. MIT 6.857 Final Project. Paper* equal contribution


Jul 2024: Teaching Assistant at EEML in Novi Sad [1]
Jun 2024: Speaker at TyphoonCon in Seoul [1, 2]
May 2024: Area Chair for NeurIPS
Sep 2023: Attended Nullcon in Goa
Jun 2023: Started at Google DeepMind
Oct 2022: Completed Baseband RE Training at in Den Haag
Sep 2022: Attended M2L in Milan, CHES in Leuven
Jul 2022: Attended EEML in Vilnius (virtual)
Jun 2022: Attended MLSS in Kraków
Mar 2022: Started at the Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy (MPI-SP)
Feb 2022: Completed TEE RE Training at OffensiveCon in Berlin
Aug 2020: Attended ICFP via PLMW
Aug 2018: Competed at DEFCON in Las Vegas [1, 2]
Sep 2017: Attended Grace Hopper Celebration in Orlando [1]


Last updated: 08-12-2023

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